The key to this book is the mix of beautiful pictures, career advice and profiles of everyone and every aspect of the fashion industry.


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1. Discover Your Personal Style

Over the last few years, my personal stylist has helped me find my style. I had no idea I even had it!

2. Have Fun Trying New Things

Having a stylist forces me to try something new. If I was left on my own, I’d buy the same pants & shirts

3. Expert Advice At A Great Value

Stitch Fix has breathed life back into my wardrobe, and brought my self esteem up in the process

We have 3,000+ experienced fashion experts across the country who are dedicated to helping you look your best—no matter your budget. With our extensive array of styles and brands at their fingertips, our Stylists can select pieces that meet any client’s needs.



This is honestly way better than I expected. There are quotes and interviews with people from literally every part of the fashion ololo industry from makeup artists, to models, to editors.
Amber Jones
I'm so in love with the Teen Vogue Handbook that it is hard for me to put it down. Not only is this book filled with beautiful illustrations and photography, but it gives an insightful look on the careers in the fashion and magazine industry.
Dorothy Hall
This book is absolutely great. The inside and background of designers and stylists it gives is lovely and really interesting to read. It's always nice to see or hear how success became success. How passion and drive is the only option. I love reading it and taking notes.
Mary Brewer

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